My personal experience with VicciiBiottics.

At first my stomach rumbled and for a while I had soft to liquid bowel movements (until the biology had reset itself).

More vitality and feeling of happiness. No more full feeling and bloating. Healthier complexion fresh appearance of skin. Very, very quick positive effects for everyone.


Regular bowel movement

After drinking VicciiBioticcs for just one day, I had regular bowel movements from then on. This was fantastic for me, because I could solve this massive problem naturally.

Nice, soft skin

After only a few weeks I could notice a dramatic change with my son’s skin. He had been suffering of acne for years, which was of course causing him problems. In a very short time this problem was solved.

Full feeling, bloating

After only a few uses I no longer had a full feeling. The sometimes very uncomfortable bloating is history. It used to be very, very uncomfortable and sometimes even painful and limited my activities.


I was mostly so tired after lunch, that I had to take a nap so that I could cope with the rest of the day. I no longer feel that way. I have been drinking VicciiBioticcs for 4 months and my quality of life has improved very much.

General wellbeing

I thought I was feeling very good. But since I started taking VicciiBioticcs over 6 months ago, I noticed there was room for improvement. I feel like a million dollars and wouldn’t want to do without it.

Vital appearance

I am 52 years old and have been drinking VicciiBioticcs for 5 months now. It is unbelievable how much my appearance has changed. Both men and women have complemented me on my vital radiance. I have also noticed the change myself and even at 52 it is still great to look in the mirror. Three cheers for VicciiBioticcs.

Cough (smoker’s cough)

I have suffered of severe fits of coughing for several years now, after not recovering properly from a bout of pneumonia, which turned chronic. It was particularly awkward when I was in company and couldn’t do anything to stop it. I was constantly getting looks of pity and of course good pieces of advice but nothing ever helped. When I learned of VicciiBioticcs 8 months ago, I couldn’t believe it could help me with my cough. Now I know it does. I still cough sometimes, especially when I go for my “beloved” cigarette. But I can finish coughing easily and it is a huge relief. I think I will be able to get over my cough completely within a few months. I love VicciiBioticcs!

Gastric surgery

I had gastric surgery two years ago, which naturally led to great problems with eating. After beginning to supplement my nutrition with VicciiBioticcs 4 months ago, I find eating and digesting a lot easier. My quality of life has increased significantly and now I can look forward to my favourite meals and enjoy them. I’m glad VicciiBioticcs exists for me!

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