How can I register?

Use the link from the person who recommended you.

How can I activate my account?

Your account will be activated by paying for the package you chose when registering. If you opted for a FreePack, your account will automatically be activated after registration is completed.

How can I verify my account?

Send an easily legible copy of

your passport, driving licence or personal identity card

and a bill or proof of residence no older than 3 months

by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Where can I order products?

You can order products online from the VicciiBioticcs website

How can I benefit in the framework of the Values-X project?

You can purchase one of the packages and deposit the products purchased in your warehouse and profit daily immediately according to the number of products. The descriptions of the products can be found on the Vicciibioticcs website.

How are profits generated in the Values-X project?

Profits are generated by the sale of the products in the online shop (later the Direct Sales Center too), international cooperation and participations and calculated according to the values given in the individual package descriptions.

How are profits paid?

Payments are made monthly to the E-wallet in your BackOffice for further use.

Can I have the payments made to my bank?

You can request the payment at any time through the payments system given in your BackOffice.

Where can I purchase the products?

You can purchase all products on the Vicciibioticcs website.

By buying products, am I also buying shares?

First you purchase products and associated an option for a certain number of shares of the project operator Longis Investment Ltd. This option lapses as soon as you request delivery of your products or pass to the company a request to sell them and thus end the business relationship.

Why are the shares not delivered to me?

As long as you are receiving daily profits, you have no right to the delivery of the option of shares since you are already getting compensation for the appreciation in value via the daily profits.

How can I get the shares?

If you should pass the products purchased by you irrevocably to the company without further payment, this can only be done by request and approval by the company and you will get in return the number of shares of Longis Investment Ltd. allocated to the purchased products send to you at your own expense. This possibility only exists after the Pre-Launch Phase, proposed for the 01.10.2016, if the shares have gained an appropriate asset value and the corresponding chart is shown on the website.


If you should gain the position of "Sales manager" or "General Director" through your commitment, then you can purchase additional shares with it. These shares are deposited in the company or can be sent by request and at your own expense.

Who owns the products?

After purchase and payment and as long as the products are in your warehouse, you are the owner and can decide daily what you wish to do with them.

What can I do with the products?

Please read the detailed package descriptions on the VicciBioticcs website!

How can I sell my products?

If you want to sell packages You can announce this email at any time and 30-180 working days later you will the amount corresponding to the products, and booked less 35% sales commission to your e-wallet.

Is there a risk?

Statement of Risk

Participation in the "Value-X"  project is a commercial investment, which carries specific risks.  There are additional individual risks for all silent partners arising from their personal circumstances and which of course cannot be evaluated by the company. Every interested party is therefore expressly advised to check all risks thoroughly and where necessary to seek expert advice before participating in the "Value-X " project of the company.


Please first ask your sponsor or your Upline before sending an e-mail to the support.

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